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«  Wed.11.22.2000  »
2:00 am EST        20°F (-7°C) in Ann Arbor

It hasn't been long since I updated this, but I figured I had to (a) sneak one more in before the Thanksgiving break and (b) justify being up this late.

I worked again last night at the dining hall. All in all, it seems like things will work out better there than at Transportation. I might not enjoy the job duties as much, nor am I paid as much, but the intangible factors more than make up for those deficits. I won't be there for long in any case — a couple months at most — due to what I'm about to say.

Loyal readers, fasten your seat belts. I've come to the final decision regarding my future, and I'm going to let it be known. Effective December 21, I will be leaving the world known as the University of Michigan and beginning my "real life." I am not sure as to the job I will have, nor where I will finally choose to settle, but I do have the basic framework laid. I will move back in with my parents for a short time while I seek and start full-time employment, but hopefully within a month, I will move out. I do have a source of money — I won't identify what it is here, but it's about $6,000 — available to me outside of a loan or getting a job, so between work income and that, I should be able to cover the expenses of starting on my own.

I know some people will think I'm making a foolish decision by leaving school, but there are so many other variables at play here that I don't think continuing to struggle through school is really in my best interests. The 'U', and in particular the College of Engineering, is an environment where you have to be exceedingly passionate about your academics to succeed, and I just can't devote that much energy to my studies — I have too many other problems, issues, outside interests, and random minutiae in my life for that. By working full-time and eventually living on my own, I can greatly simplify matters. Perhaps after some time passes — it might be three years, it could be 10 — I'll have worked enough things out to the point where I can return to school. And when I do return, there are no guarantees that it will be U-M — I could finish up at most any school in this area. All I know about the more distant future is that I want to settle in Ann Arbor.

Finally, before I close this update, I want to mention something about this site. After I come back from the Thanksgiving break, expect to see some big news posted on the site. Until then, I'm leaving you in suspense.