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«  Mon.11.20.2000  »
2:35 pm EST        30°F (-1°C) in Ann Arbor

I've been very busy since my last update. Thursday was mostly lost to the bullshitting of my second Physics 141 lab report. I say "bullshitting" because if you had any idea how much data I fabricated, you'd agree with that term. It seems like the GSI always buys it though ...

After being up really late Thursday night to finish the majority of the report, I woke up at about 12:30 on Friday. I put the finishing touches on the report before having to take it to lab at 3 pm. Then it was off to the hockey game against Alaska-Fairbanks, which Michigan won 8-0. After the game, I went out clubbing and probably stayed out later than I wanted to, but I had a great time.

I slept waaaaaay in on Saturday (like 3 pm), catching only the final five minutes of the Michigan-Ohio State football game. (Note to Suckeyes: You still suck.) Somehow, inexplicably, Michigan lost the hockey game to UAF, 5-2, on Saturday. The ref gave UAF two goals that shouldn't have counted, and robbed us of at least one, possibly two. Oh well, they better have fed their huskies well for the long dogsled ride back up to Fairbanks. Mush! Mush! Mush!

Sunday was another oversleep day (about 2:15 pm); I sat around for a while and watched the Lions kick the Giants' ass before getting to those wonderful random almost-weekly tasks one needs to do (laundry, trash removal, general room cleaning, you know, the whole nine yards). That brings us to today, which has so far been just a usual Monday.

I wanted to talk a bit about my new job at Bursley, which I started on Thursday. I have what's called an "extra" shift on Thursdays, meaning they can move me wherever I'm needed. I started working the service area, which basically means I monitor dishes, silverware, and glasses, and make sure there are enough of those on the floor. After that I served food for a while, before moving into the dishroom. At least at dinner (I don't know about other meal times -- never worked one of them), there's an amazing choreography for a dishwashing operation -- six people all with one specific task, all working closely together at the same time. I would never have thought things would be so well-planned -- I mean, you generally think of doing dishes as a simple operation -- but there's a lot more than meets the eye. I was impressed just watching the entire operation back there.

As for the remainder of this week, I'm heading home on Wednesday night for the Thanksgiving break. I will return here Sunday morning for what will most likely be my final three weeks as a University of Michigan student.