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So you want to learn some things about your webmaster, huh? You’ve found the right page. I’m going to begin with some of the basic stats I’m sure your mouth is watering for. smiley face

Date/place of birth:

January 24, 1980, in Dearborn, MI, U.S.A., a suburb of Detroit. That makes me 41, and an Aquarius.

Current residence:

Dearborn, MI, U.S.A.

Basic physical statistics:

6’3” (191 cm), 260 lbs. (118 kg). White/Caucasian. Light brown hair that some people have called “dishwater blond” before; I keep it rather short and really don’t do anything special to it. Light brown (otherwise non-descript) eyes, the vision of which is bad enough to require contacts. Left-handed.



Nowlin Elementary School, Dearborn, MI (K-5, 1985-91)


St. Anselm School, Dearborn Heights, MI (6-8, 1991-94)


Catholic Central High School, Redford, MI (1994-98); 19th in class of 229; four-year member of track & field team; active in Student Council on various committees; member of National Honor Society


University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus (fall 1998-fall 2000); you can learn about that by going here and reading updates between March 1999 and December 2000.


Truck driver


A lot of them are on the left side of the page. Other than that, I like spending time with friends, meeting new people, and taking part in other things that amuse me.

Famous (distant) relatives:


Josiah Bartlett (1729-1795), the fourth different person to serve as President and Governor of New Hampshire (1790-1794) and the second person to sign the Declaration of Independence, after John Hancock; brother to one of my 10th-great-grandfathers


Lucille Ball (1911-1989), actress most famous for I Love Lucy; second cousin of one of my great-great-grandmothers

This is a start. I may or may not add more stuff here later, if I deem it necessary. In the meantime, if you have any burning questions, go here to e-mail me.