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Photography has always been a side hobby of mine. I started as a young child with an ancient 110-film camera that had no features other than a flash, and at 17, I finally moved up to the world of 35mm film with an old Nikon point-and-shoot with zoom lens. That camera now belongs to my mother, as I gave it to her a couple years ago when her 1980s-era 110 finally gave up the ghost.

In 2004, I moved into digital photography with the purchase of a Canon PowerShot A75, a mid-range point-and-shoot with up to 10x digital zoom. Finally, in May 2008, in part to get no-payment financing on a computer I needed, I purchased a Canon Digital Rebel XTi digital SLR camera.

I once had all of my public photography hosted here on my site, but as it grew beyond 100 pictures, the work involved in adding to it got to be too much. I would have to downsize the original and create a thumbnail in photo-editing software, then carefully write a couple kilobytes of raw HTML to create a page for each picture. This resulted in three files per picture, and the need for humongous amounts of time to update anything.

As a result, I have now moved everything to the photo-sharing site Flickr, making the maintenance of my photography much easier. To see my pictures, please follow the below link to my Flickr photostream: