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«  Tue.11.28.2000  »
3:33 pm EST        36°F (2°C) in Ann Arbor
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Well, here's the long-awaited after-Thanksgiving update, delayed a couple days. I went home for the break at about 9 pm last Wednesday, and couldn't stand a minute of it before going back at about the same time Saturday evening. Just to give an example of how my parents, in this case my father, can really get on my nerves, I'm going to tell a little story. I forgot to remove five dress shirts from a corner of the basement where I was staying, and as my father passed Metro Airport, my mother called my cell phone. I told my father we needed to turn around — we'd only gone about five miles — and he went berserk. At least we actually got him to go faster than 60 mph on the freeway on the short drive back home. When we got to the house, my mother had left the shirts on the side door — I was in and out in 15 seconds. My father took it upon himself to shut off the car, get out, go in the house, and yell at her for upwards of two minutes. "Why the **** did you call? You think those miles on that car are free!" Then, he had nothing to say from the house out to Ypsilanti on the trip back out.

Oh well, enough public bitching and moaning about my parents. (See, if they read this, they'd know that the crap they pull pisses me off. Neither one of them is Internet-savvy though, so they almost never visit this site.)

The "big news" that I promised in the prior update can be found in the "Me" section for now. I may change a few things in regards to how I link to it and lay it out, but the news itself will remain fundamentally the same. Perhaps I will discuss it at greater length in this section at a future time, but not today.

Finally, I attempted to interview with Indian Trails, a local charter-bus company, early this morning. The gentleman in charge of the job fair informed me that I was ineligible for employment due to the fact that I'm not 21 until January, but that he would hold on to my resumé and application materials until Indian Trails' next training session in the spring. I still need something to survive in the interim, though, and I don't know where I'm going to find it. Of course, this would bring me to a complete discussion of my plans for the future, a discussion I don't have time for right now (work begins in an hour). Expect that one in an update down the road.