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«  Wed.10.04.2000  »
12:12 am EDT        56°F (13°C) in Ann Arbor

Devious little bastard that I am, I've solved the problem of constant monitoring of this web site by my bus supervision. You see, they use computers in their offices that have fixed IP addresses, so it's a simple proposition to place those IPs on a block list. Next time they see fit to bitch me out about this site, they'll get an error message to the effect of "your IP address is on a list of addresses banned from accessing this site."

I know what you're thinking, loyal Larry's Phat Page devotees: what if they dial in from home? Oh well, there's really not much I can do about that -- dial-in is usually a dynamic-IP-allocation deal -- but in the entire time I've been monitoring the IP addresses of my visitors, I've never found any mysterious hits that might be from them. It seems like every access of my site is from those computers at their offices, on which they have the fixed IPs, so I should be set. Furthermore, I have a device that allows me to track IPs, so no matter what happens, I can always stay one step ahead. I didn't call myself a devious little bastard for nothing ...

I watched the presidential debate this evening. I think Gore was victorious, although by the thinnest of margins. If you break the debate down topic-by-topic, there were several topics on which I'd say Bush won, but what killed Bush was that he stuck too much with campaign rhetoric (e.g., repeated references to Gore's "fuzzy math"). Also, I think Gore covered a better breadth of topics than did Bush, so I give Gore the slight victory.

Well, class beckons at 10:00 am tomorrow, so I'd better sign off for now. This concludes the broadcast day of Radio Free Larry.