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«  Sun.10.08.2000  »
2:03 am EDT        39°F (4°C) in Ann Arbor

In case you haven't noticed, updates to this page have started becoming fewer and further between. Last week was almost enough to kill me, and I don't have much of a breather coming this week. At least I've so far used the weekend to recover, save going to both Michigan hockey games and screaming at refs who suck.

As for what's on the plate this week, I have a midterm in Econ 101 coming up Thursday. That class isn't really difficult, although I probably have made things harder on myself by missing the last two lectures. (I blame my other assorted academic responsibilities, as well as the fact that it was generally the "Week from Hell.") If that doesn't drive me nuts, I'm sure I'll pull my hair out over the formal lab report required for Physics 141 this Friday. Those aren't just a bitch; they're about five bitches -- I did everything I could on both of them in 241 last year and still got raped on the grading.

After another ten-hour siesta, I think I'm just going to crawl into my little studying hole and hide there until December.