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«  Sat.09.30.2000  »
2:53 am EDT        42°F (6°C) in Ann Arbor

I know I just updated this 5½ hours ago, but since then I've come across such a hugely important news item that I had to do it.

WIQB-FM, 102.9 on the dial, known as "Rock 103," is no longer. As of 10:00 am yesterday morning, at the end of the Bob and Tom Show, it is a country station with the call letters WWWW. Rock 103 not only played a unique blend of today's hard rock and 80's underground alternative stuff that you wouldn't hear anywhere else, but also featured edgy shows with captivating on-air personalities (including the aforementioned Bob and Tom).

I'd been a loyal Rock 103 listener, and had even attended a couple shows that they'd sponsored in the past. I have no clue as to why this happened, and I don't think there was any advance notice -- it just switched at 10 am, for all I know.

So, I will use this space as a final requiem for IQB. May the Bob and Tom Show, the John O'Leary Show, the Original 80s at 8, and the Bob and Tom Replay at 5 pm live on forever. FUCK WWWW-FM! SCREW COUNTRY AND ALL THE REDNECKS WHO LISTEN TO IT! BRING BACK IQB!

Having said that, if you want real music on FM radio here in Ann Arbor, it's down to Kool 107, playing the "Koolest" hits of the 70s and 80s. Most Detroit FM stations don't come in wonderfully in Ann Arbor, and a lot of them have sucky formats too. I guess I'll be forced to become a Kool 107 fan.