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«  Fri.09.29.2000  »
9:22 pm EDT        53°F (12°C) in Ann Arbor

I think I've bitched enough about work in the last two days on this site. I'll leave it at this: Until supervision stops playing favorites and actually "supervises" bus operations, nothing's going to change. Sad but true.

Perhaps I should just go out and destroy both brain cells tonight. They're overdue, ya know ...

I've been treading water in most of my classes, staying afloat by the thinnest of margins. If I don't use this weekend to get back ahead again, I swear I'm going to kick my own ass. Once I go under the first time, I'll drown -- this is the kind of game that's beyond do-or-die: you stop doing, even once, even for a day, and you die. It's pretty simple.