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«  Wed.09.27.2000  »
9:22 pm EDT        59°F (15°C) in Ann Arbor

It seems that I'm no longer allowed to try to keep things straight at work. The hell if somebody's running early, or totally screwing up, or whatever -- my bringing it to their attention seems to constitute an "attitude problem."

I'm getting tired of people constantly infringing on me around here. It's the kind of environment where if you don't try to look like you're taking the high road, and vigilantly stand up for yourself, you're going to get trampled. Now I'm told that I have no right to do this, or I could lose my job. What fucking ever. This shit really gets annoying after awhile -- believe me, it does. And I know that one of my supervisors has nothing better to do with his time than monitor this site, and what I write here, so I'd probably better watch what I say -- maybe I'll post my thoughts on the matter elsewhere.

Other than that, I continue to be quite busy running around to everything I have to do. Unfortunately, tomorrow won't be any different, and probably neither will Friday for that matter. The weekend is going to be beyond insane, and then it's into another week -- funfunfun.