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«  Mon.09.25.2000  »
6:50 pm EDT        52°F (11°C) in Ann Arbor

Just a couple short notes before I leave for some necessary errands: My sister turns 16 today, so I suggest you stay off the roads near Dearborn , and the rudeness that I talked about last Wednesday continues. I almost couldn't believe it myself: I left my dinner tray on the table I had been occupying, and got up to get something at the dessert cart. I returned to find my place stolen by seven fuckers who decided they could just kick me out. Nice guy that I am, I picked up my tray and found another table, but I really should have glared at them and said, "excuse me, this is my table, you can find another one."

It's not even worth trying to take the high road anymore. Fuck it; I'm just going to join everybody else, and start doing my own thing, totally oblivious. Everybody else does it, so why shouldn't I?