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«  Sun.09.24.2000  »
3:20 pm EDT        56°F (13°C) in Ann Arbor

I've been quite busy these last four days. Thursday and Friday were almost murderously difficult, at least as far as time-budgeting was concerned; thankfully the weekend's been a little easier. Today, I get a chance to rest everything but my mind -- it's time to catch up in some classes, and get ahead in others -- before the week ahead. At least I have what I consider to be a reward waiting for me next Saturday: Michigan's football game with highly-ranked Wisconsin, and the start of Michigan's hockey season.

I'm keeping up in most of my classes, but unfortunately, the same can't be said of the College of Engineering. They continue to drag their feet on reinstatement. The feeling I get is that I will eventually be fully reinstated, but that it may be November before that happens at the CoE's current rate.

Well, it's off to Physics-Land, with short stops also planned in Economics-Land and Japanese-Land.