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«  Tue.09.19.2000  »
9:42 pm EDT        69°F (21°C) in Ann Arbor

Summer-like weather has returned to Ann Arbor, although only through tomorrow. The first day of fall on Thursday will coincide with cooler weather coming in, I hope for good.

Much like last week, the first two days of this work week have been quite productive. I still have some laundry sitting around to be ironed from Saturday, and have a couple other messes in the room to work on, but I've done just about everything I was planning to do. I even got an Orange permit for Nym's car today, three days earlier than I'd originally hoped. I can park at a total of about a dozen lots around campus, all of them way out in the middle of nowhere -- woo hoo.

Today was somewhat of a whacked-out day aboard the Northwood bus. First, another driver stole my bus for his run. After that, the other Northwood drivers basically started doing their own thing; one of them was running super-early for a while. Later, I got slammed with at least 65 passengers on each of my last three outbound trips -- it was amazing I was able to stay within a minute of my time. I mean, these are just little annoyances that grate on me in mid-shift; I don't give them any more thought once I've shut down for the evening.

Well, since I'm done with everything quite early this evening, I'm going to go enjoy a night of pizza and anime.