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«  Sun.09.17.2000  »
1:28 pm EDT        57°F (14°C) in Ann Arbor

Sleep is a wonderful commodity. These last months, it has seemed like no matter what I did, I couldn't get any more than probably 6½ hours a night. Last night, I slept 10 hours -- it feels so good to actually have slept enough.

Today will be a busy day. After showering and eating something, I'm going to Briarwood to exchange some stuff I bought yesterday. (Note to self: Check sizes before buying clothing items in the future.) After that, I have a bunch of class work that needs to get done, so I really have no idea how late I'll be up tonight. I don't think it should be past midnight, but we'll have to see. On the list for later this week is finishing up the reinstatement process, getting my Physics 141 lab manual, and of course, keeping up with the rat race.