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«  Fri.09.15.2000  »
10:02 pm EDT        51°F (11°C) in Ann Arbor


Your petition to drop Political Science 111 from the Winter 2000 semester
has been approved. Your academic record should reflect this shortly.

Stephenie Bulmon

With these words, the two-month process of my late withdrawal from Poli Sci 111 has come to a close. I received these exact words via e-mail earlier this morning. Not only have I finally won victory on this count, but now my reinstatement is much more likely. I mean, if the Scholastic Standing Committee actually acted this quickly, and this reasonably, about my late-withdrawal petition, they should hopefully act likewise when it comes to reinstatement. I still don't know when the whole process will be completed, but let's just say that I've reached the base of Mt. Everest.

All things considered, this has been a very busy, but very enjoyable week. Aside from my normal classes, driving, and social life, I've accomplished quite a bit this week. One downside to this week has been that I've been forced to switch discussion sections of Japanese 101, but I won't have another Poli Sci 111 in the making since I've never been "officially" registered for J101.

If only I had any time tonight, I'd go out and destroy both brain cells. Hell, I could apply some of my Japanese knowledge: Saki onegaishimasu.

But, I have to go to Briarwood first thing tomorrow morning with my mentees, before I drive Nite Owl. I think I'll use Sunday to sleep and catch up with class stuff, in which I've been slacking a bit over these last two days. It seems that I can always do more towards the beginning of a week than at the end. Anyway, I'm just going to keep working as hard as I can, and not give up when stuff seems too hard, and I should be all right.