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«  Thu.09.07.2000  »
1:56 pm EDT        76°F (24°C) in Ann Arbor

Classes began yesterday -- so far, so good. I still don't have the books for two of my three classes, but I'll be taking care of getting one of the sets later tonight -- Scott's giving me a sweet deal on his old Econ 101 books -- so I'll only have to buy my books for Japanese 101 after that.

I'm updating this now because my Econ 101 GSI decided to cut class short by an hour. This means that shortly after finishing this, I'm FINALLY going to have a little "between-9-and-5" time available. I'm going to use it wisely, by going over to Hosford's office to pick up the form.

Speaking of my reinstatement situation, here's my plan of attack. If Hosford supports the late withdrawal from Poli Sci 111, then I'm going over to the College of Engineering Student Services Office to (a) turn that form in, and (b) talk to Stephenie Bulmon, who is in charge of academic discipline cases, about a hearing or whatnot. If Hosford decides to continue being the dick he's been all along, I'm going to take the late-withdrawal form to Dr. John Halloran, who is the graduate student advisor for MSE and my old 220 prof; I think Halloran might actually give a shit if Hosford doesn't. If I can't get anybody at MSE to support the late withdrawal, I'm going to step out of that and right into the reinstatement process, going it mostly alone. I'm going to tell them that Hosford just doesn't care, and if they're reasonable at all, they'll go against him. Failing their approval for getting back in here, I'll go to my last resort -- going over to the LS&A office and begging to be allowed into LS&A on probation. Failing that, I'm going to watch a bus coming down Murfin at 30 mph, and walk into its path when it gets so close it can't stop in time. That'll teach 'em ...