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«  Tue.09.05.2000  »
11:24 am EDT        59°F (15°C) in Ann Arbor

I really don't know what's up with the weather around here. Saturday, it was 86° as I stood at Michigan Stadium for three hours, watching Blue kick some major ass; that represented my second dose of sunburn in three days. Now, here we are Tuesday morning, and today's high won't even reach 70°. Apparently it's going to stay like this for about a week, then we might revert to the hot stuff around this time next week. Frankly, I hope the hot stuff doesn't come back; I like this taste of fall we have in the air.

I went wild at a party Sunday night. I won't go into detail here, since doing so could get me into trouble, but suffice it to say that I destroyed both brain cells just three days before classes.

Speaking of classes, here we are not even 24 hours before they start, and Hosford doesn't seem to care. I'm going by his office later today to pick up the late-withdrawal form; if he still refuses to do anything with it, there's going to be a war of words, I guarantee it. I've lost almost all respect I have for him, and if he gives me any more crap, I suggest you seek strong cover. Anyway, I think what I'm going to do is start attending the classes I want to switch to, not the ones I'm currently signed up for but don't want -- that's probably the best way to get an override if I should need one.

All of the old friends are back -- Nym, Jess, Scott, Pat, among others. I've spent quite a bit of time over the last four days or so hanging out with them, mooching money and rides from them, etc..

Finally, mentorship seems to be going well. Our next group activity is a trip to Cedar Point, coming up this Saturday; after that, I think the next thing we were going to do was the Briarwood trip. I might also try to get some "unofficial" things together -- stuff along the lines of, "who wants to hang out with me here at Baits on a Friday night?".