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«  Fri.09.08.2000  »
4:02 am EDT        64°F (18°C) in Ann Arbor

The time you see is not a lie -- I hope I won't be regretting my decision to stay up all night to get stuff done. I figure if I can make it until 11am, I can sleep all afternoon if I so desire. Actually, I think I may wait for my laundry to finish up, then sleep for a couple hours before going to Japanese discussion at 9am.

I finally got Hosford to support my late-withdrawal petition, but it seems like he's going to be the least of my worries. Nobody told me this until today (the story of the University of Michigan -- let's misinform students when it comes to their academic careers), but I still have to convince the Scholastic Standing Committee that I should be granted the late withdrawal. Worse yet, they seem to have this attitude that says I'm automatically lying, and they want everything in writing. Most of the evidence I have in my favor doesn't fall into this category; for example, how can I prove in writing that a constant revolving door of Billy's friends had a negative impact on my studies? I can't prove it to them, but it was true. I have other pieces of evidence that are obvious to anyone who cares about my situation, but cannot be easily proven in writing. Do you think they care? No. Hell, I could tell them there was a Bursley-Baits bus at the Pierpont Commons, looking at the bus sitting there, and they'd tell me to prove it in writing -- what fuckers!

I think I have found my bus alter-ego -- I spent 4½ hours earlier talking with a young man in Bursley who is quite the mass-transit freak. It was quite the exchange of information -- I gave him information on the University's service, while he told me a number of other interesting things. Although I really should have cut the conversation shorter, it was very interesting.

Well, I've surprised even myself with my ability to remain perfectly coherent at this late hour -- hell, I've barely even made any typos as I write this. Of course you never see typos in the finished product, because I do correct them all, but tonight, I'm not even making that many in the first place.