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«  Thu.08.24.2000  »
9:55 pm EDT        64°F (18°C) in Ann Arbor

I've been so busy this week that I've barely had time to even think about this page, much less actually update it. I turned in my late-withdrawal form to Dr. Hosford's office on Monday; I think I'll stop by and pick it up tomorrow -- I would hope to God he's done something on it in four days. From his office, I will take it to the Scholastic Standing Committee next Monday, after using the weekend to make up some "documentation." (Apparently they don't like those forms alone.)

I worked like a mofo on Tuesday, and didn't have much mental energy to do really anything else. Yesterday, I ran around from one thing to the next -- offices, shipping stores, etc. -- just carrying on some necessary non-college business. Oh yeah, I drove Northwood too, and just about passed out towards the end from lack of food. (Note to self: Start actually eating two meals a day. ) Today was the most normal day of the week, but also the most crazy. I woke up at a reasonable time, didn't have to take a 25-minute phone call first thing after I got up, didn't screw up my watch band, and actually got out of Baits when I wanted to. I stopped at the Student Activities Building, and dropped off a gazillion forms I'd piled up at the Entrée Office, the Office of Financial Aid, and the Mentorship Program Office. Then it was off to the Athletic Ticket Office, only to find that my football tickets for this year really suck (section 29, row 57). After that I drove more Northwood, including "The Elbow Incident."

The weekend should be relatively peaceful -- I don't have a whole lot to do. The craziness will get going in earnest next Tuesday, when my parents steal my car from me, and folks start to move in en masse. Oh well, my summer is coming to a crashing halt.