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«  Sun.08.27.2000  »
2:37 pm EDT        74°F (23°C) in Ann Arbor

The fall term is officially upon us, at least according to my employer, Transportation Services. The fall/winter bus schedule begins today. Classes don't start until Wednesday, September 6, but all the freshmen will start moving in later this week. The craziest day here on North Campus should be Wednesday, when everybody in Bursley and Baits moves in; I think I'm going to crawl in a hole that day and hide.

Ah, the incompetence of the MSE advising office. I have to go to Dr. Hosford's office tomorrow and hope he can find my late-withdrawal form in the mountain of papers known as his desk. Wish me luck ...

I'm excited about the beginning of the Mentorship Program this Thursday afternoon. As I write, I have contacted four of the five academic mentees; it turns out two of them are already on campus. Well, time to actually get going with my day, so I'll bring this update to a close.