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«  Sat.08.19.2000  »
4:18 pm EDT        69°F (21°C) in Ann Arbor

It's such a beautiful day outside -- sunny without a cloud in the sky, but not even 70°. I suppose it would have been a nice day to drop by the annual Woodward Dream Cruise, except that (a) after this whirlwind week, I'm still catching up with things around the room here, and (b) you've seen the same 40,000 classic cars once (or three times in my case), you've seen 'em all. So, before long, it's off to run more errands, then back here for dinner and such.

The next week and a half is going to be crazy, man, crazy and insane, man, insane. I will begin the path toward reinstatement on Monday, as well as ship my old sound card back to Gateway. Hopefully I'll have the reinstatement stuff out of the way by late next week, because freshman kiddlies start moving in the 30th. Immediately after they're all in, the Mentorship Program gets going, and I have to spend a ton of time with my mentees during that first week. I haven't even started to mention the first big football game, the beginning of classes, the Cedar Point trip with the Mentorship Program, or anything else. Finally, Transportation Services gets going with its fall/winter schedule in just over a week. Aaaargh!

At least this year, I'm not going to work 30 hours a week during the term, nor will I be buying any more new computers, nor will I be becoming a total hippie again. I need that 3.0 for the term, dammit, and if I have to elect three I'm-A-Dumb-Football-Jock 101 classes to do it, so be it. Besides, maybe African-American Studies will get me a better-paying job someday than Engineering ...