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Interstate 43

Interstate 43

Total length: 191 miles (307 km)
Southern terminus: Beloit, WI, at JCT I-39/90
Northern terminus: Green Bay, WI, at JCT US 41/141

States traversed & length in each:

  • Wisconsin — 191 miles (307 km)

Major cities along route:

  • Beloit, WI
  • Milwaukee, WI
  • Sheboygan, WI
  • Manitowoc, WI
  • Green Bay, WI

Junctions with non-related Interstates:

  • Interstate 39: Southern terminus in Beloit, WI
  • Interstate 90: Southern terminus in Beloit, WI
  • Interstate 894: Multiplex from Exit 61 to MP 67 in Milwaukee, WI
  • Interstate 94: Multiplex from MP 67 to MP 73 in Milwaukee, WI
  • Interstate 794: I-94 Exit 310 in Milwaukee, WI

Related loops and spurs:


Length I’ve traveled: Entire length

Time zones:
Central — Entire length

Counties traversed:
Wisconsin — Rock, Walworth, Waukesha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, Manitowoc, Brown

A quick hypertext drive: I-43 is one of the intrastate Interstate highways, staying entirely in Wisconsin. The stretch from the southern terminus at Beloit to the Marquette Interchange in downtown Milwaukee was a later addition to I-43 — when it was first designated, I-43 began in Milwaukee, and the Beloit-to-Milwaukee segment was State Trunk Highway 15. This diagonal segment passes mostly through low rolling hills and farmland, and is fairly lightly traveled.

On the southwest side of Milwaukee, I-43 joins I-894, the downtown-Milwaukee bypass for I-94 through traffic; this part of I-43/894, called the “Airport Freeway,” maintains I-894’s numbers rather than those of I-43. At I-894’s eastern end, I-43 then joins I-94 itself to head into downtown Milwaukee; they split at the aforementioned Marquette Interchange, which is in the process of being completely rebuilt as of spring 2006. Just north of there, the northbound lanes of I-43 used to pass underneath the Milwaukee County Courthouse Annex building (until it was razed in spring 2006); a bit further to the north, I-43 enters into a segment with a number of tight 50-mph (80 km/h) curves.

The highway drops from eight lanes to six just north of downtown, and then drops again to four lanes at the Silver Spring Drive interchange on Milwaukee’s north side. The route very quickly becomes rural in character leaving Milwaukee, and is four lanes and fairly flat almost all the way into Green Bay. I-43 becomes six lanes through part of Green Bay, then crosses a very high (albeit only four-lane) bridge over the Fox River. (The extreme height is necessitated by heavy shipping traffic in Green Bay.) A few miles later, I-43 terminates at U.S. 41/141 northwest of Green Bay.

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