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«  Tue.11.14.2000  »
1:41 am EST        33°F (1°C) in Ann Arbor

As you can see, winter is definitely beginning to set in here in Michigan. I'm sure the deer hunters will love the snow up north later this week; hell, we might even see some down in these parts.

I've been really depressed lately -- a lot of bad things have happened recently. It's almost to the point where a few hours ago, I was in a suicidal mental state. Fortunately, I went and talked to some friends, and I'm doing better now. I don't know if my desire to go to class, lead a normal life, etc. will return right away, but I think I'm at least back on the right track. A couple of old friends helped me out with this -- hell, one of them even pointed out a viable option for my future that doesn't involve college or getting the full-time job I want right away. I'm still undecided about my future path, but I can at least see some light at the other end of the tunnel I'm in right now.