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«  Fri.11.10.2000  »
12:31 am EST        48°F (9°C) in Ann Arbor

Sometimes the best-laid plans of mice and men go awry. As of right now, my chances of finding a good-paying full-time job in a field that interests me starting in January look to be next to nil. It might be April before I can get such a job. So, in the worst-case scenario, I may be forced to move back home with my parents as of the end of the fall term. I think I will change the general direction of my life from dropping out of school and getting a job to trying for all I'm worth to get a 3.007 term grade-point, so that I can stay in school. Next week, I plan to go over to LS&A and pick up an application to transfer.

There has been about a two-hour gap since I wrote that last paragraph (it's now more like 2:50 am). I've been helping out a friend with relationship troubles. At this point, I've decided to pull a caffeine-assisted all-nighter; I'll just stay up until class at 10am this morning. I'm not ruling out a nap for a couple hours later, but definitely no full-blown sleep.