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«  Fri.10.27.2000  »
5:22 pm EDT        72°F (22°C) in Ann Arbor

I was going to update this on Monday, but then I got really busy the rest of the day and decided, the heck with it. Somehow four more days have passed.

I really am starting to worry about ever getting reinstated. Stephenie Bulmon, the point person in the whole operation, has been dragging her feet in the mud for the better part of five weeks now, refusing to schedule my hearing with the Scholastic Standing Committee. I think she's trying to delay things beyond the nine-week add/withdraw deadline, so that I'll have to (a) petition to have the necessary adds and drops done to my schedule, and (b) end up behind in my tuition. (My parents are refusing to pay the second tuition bill, due next Tuesday, until the situation is resolved. Although they won't help anything by doing this, I can agree with the reasoning.) In any case, I'm going above her to Dr. Stephen Director, the dean of the College of Engineering; hopefully I can get him to do something.

For some reason, late-summer-like weather refuses to die here in Ann Arbor. Usually by this time, we've had at least four or five killing frosts; so far this October, we've had one. According to AccuWeather.com, the official weather report of Larry's Phat Page, the average daily temperature (high plus low, divided by 2) has been above normal every day since October 13, meaning we've had two weeks of extended summer. After a final hurrah early next week, though, it looks like summer is finally going to leave us.