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«  Wed.10.18.2000  »
2:36 pm EDT        62°F (17°C) in Ann Arbor

Oh my God, you say, it's a midafternoon update? Yep -- first one in God-knows-how-long.

Anyway, my mind and my wallet are at war right now. See, my mind is enjoying this temporary state of unemployment, but my wallet is quite pissed with me due to its outflow exceeding its inflow. Later this week, I'll go out and put in a few applications, and see what happens. As long as I don't get into another mutually harmful situation like Transportation Services, everything should be fine.

However, it's not just my termination which made last week a living hell. Later in the week, I had about 84 tons of class work coming due, in addition to a midterm in Econ 101. The lab report for Physics 141 in itself was so time-consuming, and so difficult, that it cost me attendance at all of my other Friday classes -- and I woke up Friday with 80% of it already done. (That should give you an idea how demanding they are on formal lab reports.) I'm finally turning it around; hell, before today, it was like I'd forgotten I was even taking Econ 101, because I'd been doing so much stuff for my other three classes.

Anyhoo, it's on to a physics assignment -- no big deal -- and a little light studying of Japanese 101 and Econ 101, in both of which I have short quizzes tomorrow.