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«  Mon.08.07.2000  »
12:52 pm EDT        77°F (25°C) in Ann Arbor

UPDATE #97 -- 3 MORE UNTIL 100

This weather here in Ann Arbor is crazy -- the last two nights, after about 10pm, we've had heavy rain. Last night, the rain was accompanied by thunder -- not sure why; I don't think there's a cold front approaching or anything, since it's supposed to be near 90° today. Of course, all this is occurring after it was 82° and rained like hell last Wednesday, then cooled off to the 70s with clear skies Thursday and Friday. From what I've heard, the weather will remain pretty schizophrenic through probably Wednesday of this week, before settling back into a rhythm.

I need to stop staying up until 5:00 am talking with people on ICQ and Instant Messenger. It's like I've done that the last two days; if I don't get back on a semi-regular routine (i.e., in bed by 1:00, so I can be up at 8:00) in about two to three weeks, I'm going to be screwed for the fall term. At least right now it's the summer and I don't have to worry to death about it ...

Number 3 is from April 13, 1999, talking about a number of things from the stupidity of Math 215 and Maple software to the things that alcohol does to college students.


Math 215 really sucks. I have determined this through a careful scientific study of how long I had to stay up last night to get the goddamn final lab assignment done. 2 am? Shit, my eyelids were lighter than feathers at 2 am. 2:30, you ask? HELL NO! True 215 warriors are up WAY past 2:30. 3 am, maybe? Let's just say that Pat had to print my Maple output at that time, since my Maple software was being gay. Could it have been 3:30? Nah, I was just starting the necessary drawing on the vector field plots at 3:30.

No, none of that pansy 3:30 am-in-bed stuff here. Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears, I was up until 4:15 getting the motherfucker done. Back up at 10:45 this morning, for a grand total of six and a half hours of sleep, and boy, am I ever feeling like it.

Somebody I know really pissed me off today. I won't say who, but you can go on over to my friends page, and guess who's no longer there.

My CRISP date is tomorrow. I'd better not get screwed out of a spot in any class I want. If so, I'm going to be getting overrides like you wouldn't believe. Anybody who would deny me an override risks the wrath of the dead (because I still have the Necronomicon).

An interesting thing happened to me last Saturday. Long after the parents had concluded their day-long visit to A2, I was coming back from Baits at around 3 am. I needed to use the bathroom, so I went into the closest one to me, in 3rd Sanford. After concluding my business, I turned to leave the stall, and noticed a guy in another stall who appeared to be either dead or passed out. He was in such a position that it was obvious he had gotten drunk, puked -- possibly several times, and then passed out or died or whatever. So, I decided to make sure he wasn't dead. I took hold of his arm and shook him a few times; after about the fourth shake, he woke up. Being hung over, he needed a bit of help getting out of the bathroom and back out to the hallway. However, by the time he reached the hall, he had his bearings back enough that I was able to say "have a good night" and move along. That was the first time I had been part of such a scene, and I'm sure it won't be the last. It is the nature of college students, after all, to seek alcohol in the same way that bees seek pollen.