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«  Sun.08.06.2000  »
2:43 am EDT        61°F (16°C) in Ann Arbor

UPDATE #96 -- 4 MORE UNTIL 100

Damn. I promised details of the crazy week in my update here on Thursday, and lo and behold, here it is Sunday and I haven't updated a thing. Worse yet, half the details are no longer fresh in my mind, but I'll do my best to remember.

Monday was quite eventful, particularly during my shift. It seemed like everybody just wanted to be stupid. But, the other participant in "The Honda Cutoff and Wave Incident" took the cake. I had left C.C. Little on my last southbound Commuter trip of the evening, and as I pulled away from the Union stop, this fuck-up in a black Honda decided he could still pass me in the oncoming traffic lane. I had half a mind to pull the front end of the bus out into that lane myself and force him to hit my left side, but I decided against it. The instant he cleared my front bumper, he moved back over fairly hard, cutting me off. I laid on the horn for probably 10 seconds as we approached the intersection of South University and State. The asshole responded by sticking his hand out his sunroof and waving at me. Then, he decided to sit right there in front of me for about 15 seconds -- he was lucky I didn't decide to "slip" off my brake pedal and roll right into him. I finally had to pull into the oncoming lane myself to convince this guy I wasn't playing games; I just made the left turn from the wrong lane, while the Honda driver looked at me like I was stupid or something. That was the culmination of a week dating back to about the previous Wednesday in which the whole town must have been trying to take their driver-stupidity exams right in front of me. YOU ALL PASSED WITH A-PLUSES, MORONS!

Wednesday was another crazy day aboard the bus. I don't know how many people gave me this line in a thick Japanese accent: "I just fly yesterday here. How I get to Norsswood Sree?" Move-in day at the Northwood Apartments, I guess. Around 4:20 pm, another driver was involved in a fairly serious accident; thankfully, neither he nor any of his passengers were hurt, though the same couldn't be said for the two drivers that had originally collided head-on right in front of him. Apparently, a driver in oncoming traffic suffered some sort of a medical event -- I'm unclear as to exactly what it was -- and came across the center line, hitting the car right in front of the bus; and with buses being more difficult to stop, the bus rear-ended that same car. The bus wasn't seriously damaged either; I think (although I wasn't there to know for sure) that the bus's driver did everything he could possibly do to try to avoid his part in the accident, but just couldn't get stopped in time. It certainly wasn't his fault; they call these things "accidents" for a reason.

I ran into quite a bit of craziness during my non-work hours as well. Until Thursday, I stayed up until at least 3:00 am most nights getting this new site built; I finally put up a mostly-complete site on Thursday morning. Yesterday night, I stayed up until about 5:00 am talking to various friends on ICQ and Instant Messenger. Finally, when I wake up tomorrow, I have to go home for several hours; I'm doing a few odd chores in exchange for gas money for the trip up to Ishpeming next week. Yah, Yoopers, dat's right, eh? I'm gonna say yah to da U.P. at about 10:00 pm next Thursday, as I cross "Da Bridge." That ought to be a fun three-day trip.

I'm reaching the home stretch of the countdown to my 100th post. The #4 update of all time comes from March 22, 1999, as I explain the proper place in the world for Ohio State Suckeyes.


What a weekend. Went to Friday night's hockey game at JLA against the Ohio State Suckeyes, and almost had to kill a few of their fans. Pat and I were waiting to do the "Goal Count" cheer after Michigan's first goal, when some fucking asshole behind us started incessantly yelling, "SIT DOWN!" After several times hearing this, I turned to the asshole and yelled, "EAT ME!" A brawl nearly ensued; I decided it was better to ignore the motherfucker and continue with the cheer. Then, after the cheer was over, the asshole had the nerve to tell JLA security to ask us to sit. And that was just the beginning. "Where's your basketball team?" "Where you going, Michigan, your basketball game?" As if we gave a fuck about hoops.

Michigan did win the game, 3-2. I have now decided that I can put up with Sparties, but that all Suckeyes deserve death. Of course, the Maine Black Bears will eliminate the Suckeyes in the first round, and the hoops Suckeyes will lose to Connecticut, so everybody in Columbus will have to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Just my humble rantings.

Anyhow, I basically got nothing accomplished over the weekend. The lack of sleep over the weekend contributed to my not waking up until 11:30 this morning; needless to say, I didn't go to any classes today.