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Being Gay

This site and the materials on it would not have been possible without the contributions, inspiration, ideas, or other support of many individuals and groups. Although I am not going to make an exhaustive, point-by-point listing of every single item on this site, I am going to cite the persons and groups from whom I have drawn large amounts of material. Without further ado, here goes:

  • Highway shield graphics in “Highways” section created using the “Shields-Up!” shield generator by David Kendrick. (

  • Highway data such as mileages and counties traversed taken from multiple sources, including Rand McNally’s 2005 Road Atlas, Motor Carrier Edition and DeLorme’s Street Atlas USA 2005 software program.

  • Biblical references and interpretations in “How to Out-Argue a Fundamentalist” in the “Being Gay” section drawn from “A Letter to Louise” by Rev. Bruce W. Lowe. (

  • Partial listing of legal/financial disadvantages faced by same-sex couples in “The Truth About Same-Sex Marriage” taken from Human Rights Campaign. (

  • Additional U.S. tax information, particularly that relating to estate and gift taxes, provided via e-mail by site visitor Mike Lubing.

  • Inspiration behind some of the “rules” in “8 Simple Rules for Straight Young Men” drawn from Kalev Hunt’s “Inbetween Worlds” web site.

  • Original idea for the “What’s New In My Life” section drawn from the web site of Aidan Dysart, whose site I stumbled across back in 1999; the concept behind, and original format of, that section of my site were drawn from a similar section on Aidan’s site. Outside of his site, though, I know nothing about Aidan, and he doesn’t know me. (

  • Highway information on individual route pages in the “Highways” section provided by several contributors, including Rich Piehl, “S.P.” in Arizona, and Carl Rogers.

  • HTML help and other technical assistance has been provided by numerous sources, most prominently including Matthew Kendora, David Smith, and Mark Roberts.

I may make more additions to this list in the future, but for now, this partial list represents the contributors with the greatest impact on this site, its content, and/or its formatting. Many thanks to all who are listed above.