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«  Fri.12.22.2000  »
12:49 pm EST        0°F (-18°C) in Ann Arbor
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This has to be the coldest winter I can remember. Take a look at the temperature just above — 0° at midday. Last night, the low temperature reached -6°; that was the first time I can remember it being below zero here in two years. The really fun part is, this is only late December; are we in for four more months of this?

My father was supposed to arrive here at 7:00 pm tonight, but I am going to attempt to get a "stay of execution" putting that off until tomorrow around noon. I have a lot of loose ends left to tie down here in Ann Arbor, and I certainly don't feel that I can take care of all of them in the mere four hours I would have left after taking Scott to the airport.

(Note: In the 20 minutes since I finished the previous paragraph, my moving time has been successfully rescheduled for tomorrow at an as-yet-undetermined time.)

Yesterday was a crazy, crazy day; I was in my room for probably all of an hour the whole day, between running around to various social engagements. These weren't just any engagements, mind you; Larry was a gay little social butterfly yesterday. I bounced around from one place to the next, talking to a number of people; I had very enlightening and interesting conversations with all of them. There is a hell of a lot more to being gay than the stereotypes in today's world, and by talking with other gay friends, I am often able to learn much more about myself.

Well, Scott's already late leaving Ann Arbor, and he hasn't even arrived here yet as I finish this update; I shall update again within a few days.