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«  Mon.12.04.2000  »
8:31 pm EST        32°F (0°C) in Ann Arbor
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I don't really have a great deal to say here — I think I used up most of my word allowance on Friday — but I did have a couple things I wanted to talk about.

First, I have completed part 2 of the U-M Transit Manifesto. In part 1, I merely came up with abstract ideas; part 2 provides some concrete solutions to the problem of insufficient service. Read it here. Editor's note: Link removed February 13, 2004; it has been dead since early 2001.

Secondly, I've moved into a phase of lying through my teeth in every dealing I have with my parents. I detailed my feelings in regards to their attitudes on Friday; suffice it to say that nothing has changed. "You have to be in school somewhere in January, Larry," my father said on the other end of the phone line, as if he gets to make that choice. Do any loyal readers want to place bets on which one of us is going to be laughing in a month? I think Vegas has me as about a two-touchdown favorite on that one.

It's going to be extremely cold here for the next few days. The high on Wednesday isn't expected to exceed 20°, with wind chills hovering just above a goose egg for the next couple days. Grab your coats and put some logs in the fire ...