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«  Thu.11.02.2000  »
4:41 pm EST        65°F (18°C) in Ann Arbor

The "long national nightmare" that I talked about on Tuesday has almost come to an end. Just half an hour ago, I received my reinstatement to the College of Engineering for the fall 2000 term. Unfortunately, I still can't get the College to see me as anything more than a set of numbers -- numbers which, by their standards, don't measure up.

Here's the lowdown: It looks like I have three choices at this point. These are not necessarily presented in the order I prefer, though. First, I can attain the 3.007 term grade-point I need to raise my cumulative to a 2.0, and move on to one of two sub-options: stay with engineering, and be forced to re-take four classes I've already taken, or transfer to another college or department here at the University. Additionally, I could choose to drop out for a term or more, even though I'd be in good standing. Secondly, I can fall short of the 3.007 for the term, and be forced to sit out for a semester (the third enrollment withheld mandates a one-semester sit-out). Finally, I can fall short (within, let's say, a term 2.7 or so), but show that I intend to transfer out of Engineering; if I petition successfully, they will grant me a "terminal semester" to pull my cumulative above 2.0, so that I can transfer.

Anyway, I'm not sure as to what I want to do, but more importantly, I have a midterm in less than an hour.