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An Open Letter to Barack Obama, President of the United States

Despite the promises you made last year during your campaign to end the legal fifth-class citizenship of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Americans, it has now come to light that your Justice Department has filed a legal brief that compares gay relationships to incest in a federal court case. Fifteen million Americans, myself included, are absolutely beside ourselves that you would so callously stab us in the back after we worked so hard last year to get your craven ass into office. I, for one, now regret my vote for you; at least I would have known where I stood with John McCain in the White House.

You and all the other spineless Democrat pieces of shit in Washington have until next November’s mid-term elections to fully open the military to service by GLBT Americans, add sexual orientation and gender identity to the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and pass a law protecting us against the domestic terrorism that is hate crimes, or I will be personally seeing to it that my entire Democrat-leaning family stays home. This also applies to 2012, if you think you’re getting a second term.

Speaking of second terms, let’s review a little presidential history. The last time we elected a young, charismatic Democrat who made promises about civil rights during the campaign and then dilly-dallied on them once in office, who criticized those seeking their God-given rights as a distraction from “more important” problems in the world, he never made it to a second term. He was killed 34 months into his first term by an assassin who, by all contemporary accounts, was isolated and marginalized in his childhood just as many GLBT youth are by their own parents today. In case you don’t remember those two names, Barack, they were John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Face it, Barack, you’re already one of the most threatened presidents in recent memory. The rabid Reich-wing white supremacist movement wants you dead for no reason other than the color of your skin, and I sure as fuck hope you’re not under the illusion that they’re looking for any shot they can get. You would be a fool to be not taking the threat very seriously, in light of the Reich wing’s recent murders of Dr. George Tiller and the security guard at the Holocaust Museum. Given the threat you face, and the possibly quite prescient JFK parallel, why in fuck’s name are you putting political considerations above my civil rights?

Maybe it’s not political expediency; maybe you do just hate us as much as the Christofascists. If this is the case, I am so livid that I say the following: Fuck off, die, and join Jerry Falwell in the depths of Hell, you disgusting bigot.

You find that a little harsh, Barack? Well, after what your administration’s legal brief had to say about me and fifteen million other GLBT Americans, I’d say we’re about even.