News and Notes

« Sun.05.07.2000 »

I've spent the weekend out here (since Friday morning); as I write, I'm getting ready to head back to Dearborn.

The stupid assholes at Housing just had to get that A/C out of the room as quickly as they possibly could; it was gone when I got here Friday. I'm resorting to exaggerating the extent of my allergies to get it back; the doctor has already bought it, so now I only need Housing to play along. Oh, and let's not mention that they're already several days late getting the refrigerator in here; I expected to be able to put some drinks on ice Friday, but it looks like that will have to wait. I've been using the full-size fridge down the hall as a temporary backup.

I will be back to Ann Arbor on Wednesday; I'm going to pick up the note from my doctor saying that I need A/C, then I drive for a while.