News and Notes

« Fri.05.12.2000 »

I'm once again back in Baits for the weekend; I will be here until Sunday night, except for a short spell tomorrow afternoon. I have finally resolved the A/C and refrigerator situations that I've had going for a while; it looks like both of them should be here no later than Monday, if not sooner than that. (The fridge may yet be later today -- I'm waiting with baited breath.) I will be driving later today, then again on Sunday, so I'm going to keep busy. Not sure when I'll be back out here after that ... at least not until my permanent return here on May 21.

I've made some subtle changes to the page. First, I have replaced Tahoma with Verdana as the font of choice. That change was made site-wide on Wednesday. Secondly, I've added a small piece of text to the front-page graphics; it talks about system requirements for viewing this page.