News and Notes

« Wed.05.03.2000 »

I'm out in Ann Arbor again, this time for a few hours. I moved some more stuff into the room, and I'll be set to get back in here full-time on the 21st. I must say, though, that living at home is nowhere near as bad as I imagined I was in for; things are going a lot better with the family than during last Christmas break or the ill-fated Indiana vacation last August.

Effective Monday, all hits to this page come to my machine now. I used to mirror this page on the U-M servers; now all I have there is a directive to redirect to my machine. That should increase traffic to this machine by quite a bit, but I know it can handle it.

Oh well, I'm going to shower, then see if one of my friends who's living here for the summer is around. I will be back to Baits this weekend ...