News and Notes

« Thu.03.02.2000 »

Well, this News page celebrated its one-year anniversary yesterday. (I began it March 1, 1999.) It probably has to be the longest-running page I have here, with the possible exception of a few (Sparties and Suckeyes, 1998 Dream Cruise pictures, and a couple others). It has survived one total site redesign and two minor layout changes. It has seen old pages come and go. (Remember the Wing-O-Meter?)

Before long, though, I will be reviving a feature of the old page. Yes, it's high school track and field season again, so you'll see the results of Catholic League track meets here again, as well as other information on Catholic Central. I believe the start date this year for spring sports is Monday, March 13.

Perhaps you can't tell (it is a transparent change after all), but I found a free DNS hosting service the other day. This way, I can get a real domain name for the site without shelling out $150 to begin and $40 a year to InterNIC. Not to mention I don't have to have a fixed IP address, or keep telling my service provider when I change IP addresses; these people even use a program which detects my IP address and sends it to the main DNS server they use. So, from now on, whatever IP address my computer is on, you can always find my web page at (Otherwise, I have to keep giving out whatever my current IP is as the address of my web site. Doing it that way sucks.) Editor's note: Link removed February 11, 2004; it has been dead since at least June 2000.

I was quite sick lately; I ate some bad Pizza House pizza on Sunday afternoon, and felt like I was going to die the rest of Sunday. I suppose we know one hippie who will never be ordering from those motherf**kers again, eh? :)