News and Notes

« Thu.02.24.2000 »

HA HA! You thought my next update was going to be on a Wednesday, didn't you? The last non-Wednesday update of this page was Friday, January 14. I've updated it every Wednesday since then except the week I was getting killed by midterms. So, I guess I tricked everybody.

The trip to NMU last week was great. Both games were ties (1-1 Friday, 2-2 Saturday). We were right next to the Michigan bench on Friday night; I'm sure Red Berenson and the boys must have heard us. On Saturday, we were in something that more or less amounted to a Michigan student section, although it seemed heavily populated with alumni as well. Saturday was by far the crazier night, only because there were more than three Michigan fans in our section that night. Among some of the other crazy things to happen were: beer during most intermissions with the Puckheads at Whiskers, Wildcat Willy's near-attack (OK, all he did was come over and call Blackburn a sieve, but it sounded so vicious :) ) on our section, and of course, the Big Guy.

The Berry Events Center is a very nice arena. Modern-looking from the street, great sight lines from every seat in the building, and of course raucous NMU fans. There is one quibble I have about the BEC, though, and that's the concourse. It wouldn't be such a problem if there was no standing room along the seat side of the concourse, but the fact is it's too narrow. Still, that doesn't take away from the fact that NMU has an arena that should be beneficial to the hockey program for years to come.

Spring break starts tomorrow; I'm going to be staying right out here, with the exception of the Michigan-MSU hockey game on Saturday at Joe Louis. That should be a great game.