News and Notes

« Thu.03.09.2000 »

Another Linux installation, another News page edit coming from Linux. I've decided, after much fucking around with OSes, to stick with two: Winblows and Red Hat Linux 6.1. Red Hat 6.2 won't work as well on my system (Licq doesn't work, Netscape crashes whenever it encounters Java applets, etc., etc.). In short, I have a long litany of complaints against Red Hat 6.2, even though it is only a beta version at this point.

Speaking of computer stuff, the little dynamic DNS hosting deal is no more. The program that I had to use, WinIP, just ate up too much memory to allow the computer to run. Apparently, it kept filling up my TCP/IP memory stack, without emptying it when it was done. So, I got rid of it, and is no longer.

There's a physics midterm tonight at 8:00pm. I'm ready, except for spending ½ hour or so to make a note card with all the equations on it. Shouldn't be too hard -- I mean, it's only magnetic fields and other assorted bullshit. :)