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8:08 am EST        4°F (–16°C) in South Rockwood, MI

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Well well, here I am to resurrect this “blog” section of the site from the dead after eight months. My last update, for those who have lost track, was made last May 26, and I have not been heard from here since. There are a few reasons for this, about which I will now go into further detail.

First and foremost, I have often times found myself lacking the time or energy after a long night of work to spend much of the night writing something. I have always had a bit of a tendency to go on at length in these entries, and the job I have been holding for a year and a half (as of next week) doesn’t really permit me to do that in the manner I used to like. I suppose I could spread out the composition of longer entries over multiple nights, but my tendency toward a short attention span would kill that plan in short order. Hence, I just haven’t bothered to write here in eight months.

Second, as those of you who have continued to follow this site have noticed, I have been active in other areas around here. My Flickr account was first opened last May 24, a week after I bought a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi, and is up to nearly 400 pictures now, most of which have been shot since last May. I think buying that camera caused something of a shift in my creative focus, from the written form to the photographic art — I just haven’t felt any “mojo” to write much of anything, but have been busy behind the camera.

Third, I don’t know that I’ve had as much “red meat” in terms of topics to write about in the last eight months. Yes, there was the huge fight in California over the exceedingly unconstitutional Proposition 8, with upwards of $30 million of “fundamentalist ‘Christian’” and Mormon money which could have gone to poor or hungry or homeless people diverted to bashing gays, but I felt that the news coming out of that campaign could pretty well speak for itself. Also, I sort of have a feeling that I’ve already once said most everything there is to say about so-called “Christians” and their unceasing lies about GLBT folk, having covered their semi-solid male bovine excrement for years. I may yet come up with more inspiration to reveal their blatant falsehoods, but I think that well kinda ran dry for a while.

I tell you, I keep trying to tell myself ‘I like Michigan, I really do,’ but the weather this last week is starting to make me agree with asshole University of Illinois students and their “MUCK FICHIGAN” T-shirts seen anytime Big Blue faces the Illini in sports. As you can see, it’s barely in the single digits this morning, and this comes after I personally measured –13°F (–25°C) at sunrise yesterday morning. (Official weather stations nearby had it even lower, at –15°F or –26°C.) The temperatures came on the heels of a week which has seen over a foot (30 cm) of snow fall in several phases, the bulk of it last Saturday, and are being ushered out by a storm bringing us another 3” (8 cm) later today. I’m really hearing the Pacific Northwest calling my name louder than ever now — it’s getting likelier and likelier every Michigan winter that I’m going to pull the trigger on that someday. Now, UW football is another matter entirely …

Speaking of which, in closing, I’m just going to say that since I stopped giving a shit about the Detroit Lions years ago, I don’t care about 0-16. In fact, when a sports-fanatic co-worker recently asked me who I thought the Lions would hire as a coach, I told her, “who cares? They’ll still suck.”