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« Wed.07.19.2000 »
1:44 am EDT    62°F (17°C) in Ann Arbor

About two hours ago, I finally wrote my letter to Prof. Howard explaining why I should get the late withdrawal from Political Science 111. I won't go into detail, but I will say that I basically pressed four points: (1) I only elected the class after being kicked out of French 335, and did so in a mad rush to beat the class election deadline; (2) I had ongoing schedule problems all semester; (3) PS 111 isn't required for me; and (4) why an ED, and not an I, for example. I also made it clear that she basically holds the key to my future here at Michigan, and asked that she not screw me over. So, I can only hope I've appealed to the side of her that cares more about my future here than trying to make herself look good. I will take the whole packet down to her office tomorrow.

I am fast approaching a couple records with this News page. You're reading my eighth update of this month, only one short of the 2000 monthly record of nine that I set back in May, and three short of the all-time single-month record of 11 (March 1999). Seeing as this is only the 19th of the month, I should get beyond 11 fairly easily. Additionally, this is the 89th post in the entire 16½-month history of the News page; starting with my next update after this one, I'm going to begin a countdown to 100 just below the date. At my current pace of updates, I should reach update #100 by mid- to late August. Perhaps in the last few posts before I hit 100, I'll bring back some of what I think are the top News posts I've made and re-post them. Of course, I'm going to make a much bigger deal of this than it really is, but hey, it's my site. Go get your own if you don't like it. :)