News and Notes

« Mon.07.17.2000 »
11:09 pm EDT    68°F (20°C) in Ann Arbor

It was a very busy weekend. I was up until at least 4 am every night working on something, between bus driving and a crazy pace of updates to this site. As of now, I've started a Site Help page, completely changed around the left side image, and made the Linux version official. I hope to get to bed at a somewhat more normal hour tonight, seeing as normal life (i.e., work beginning somewhere around 2 pm) returns tomorrow.

Other than that, I don't have much to report. I think on Wednesday (my next day off), I'll finally get around to writing something to Prof. Howard about why I should get a late withdrawal from Poli Sci 111, and see how the reinstatement thing goes from there. I've sort of been taking a few weeks off from that, partly as a "de-stresser" and partly because I've kept myself busy with a lot of other stuff. So, I'll begin the long, slow road toward either (1) getting back in here or (2) being kicked out.