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Yes, it’s been over ten years since I stopped in here last. To be honest, this site has been more or less dormant, although I don’t know if I would quite call it left for dead.

Most of the reason I’m even bothering to stop in here now is that last night, I received word from my longtime hosting provider GoDaddy that it will be discontinuing the e-mail arrangement I have been using for years. I was left with the choice of paying for an e-mail address which I have been using for the past 19 years, or migrating this site to a new type of hosting plan; I made the latter choice, which will actually save me about $6 per month.

Don’t expect to see much of anything else get updated around here. Truthfully, I really only keep this site around for the e-mail address I get with it; otherwise, I would have to do all of my e-mailing through Gmail, which I don’t really want to do. But I also don’t see much point in pulling the web site down, either; somebody out there on earth can probably still find some of this stuff useful, so I plan to leave it up but in an essentially dead state.

A couple highlights from my ten-year absence: I got out of truck driving and into teaching newbies how to drive for four years, from 2015 until about a month ago. I moved to Illinois at about the same time I made the transition to instructing. My sister moved to California and got married in 2011; my father died almost exactly one year ago; and my mother is still around and, all things considered, doing well.

Well, if any random weirdos on the internet still give a shit, I’m still here and that’s the story. It’ll probably be another ten years before I’m seen here again.