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« Thu.07.27.2000 »
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UPDATE #93 -- 7 MORE UNTIL 100

Just a quick update before I head off to work. It looks like the "re-cut" stuff I talked about on Tuesday won't be as drastic a change as I feared, so as of now, it looks like I won't have problems with scheduling in the fall. Additionally, I think (not sure, have heard rumors both ways) that Transportation Services has picked up another hospital shuttle bus. It might just be an evaluation version, but in any case, I drove it yesterday. It was much nicer than the other hospital shuttles -- it actually had a real suspension, more room inside, and a wheelchair lift that actually works. (Can't say that for some of the really old shuttles.)

Number 7 is from this past April 1 (no April Fool's on that!), when I was in a half-awake state after eight hours of driving a bunch of drunks around.


I hereby announce my intention to take over the world and kill ALL OF YOU PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY READ THIS SHIT.

A lame April Fool's. Actually, if I killed everybody who reads this page, it would be suicide. :)

On to seriousness. It's amazing what you can do when you're under pressure, especially if you're like me and "do" more than "think" in pressure situations. Most everything is done that I mentioned on Wednesday, except for that pesky physics midterm this Thursday night.

As I write, it is 1:20 am (in other words, barely Saturday). I just finished a bus shift; eight hours of Bursley-Drunks, er, Bursley-Baits. In the words of the immortal Kelly Augustine, U-M Commuter driver and AATA station attendant extraordinaire, "I'm so glad this shit is over. I'm so tired of this shit." (Actually, both Kelly and I love the job; we just like to say that to give co-workers and supervisors a hard time.) :)

I feel like I'm rambling, and I know my mind is playing tricks on me, so I think I'd better quit while I'm ahead.