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« Sun.07.23.2000 »
1:31 pm EDT    69°F (21°C) in Ann Arbor

UPDATE #91 -- 9 MORE UNTIL 100

Another crazy weekend. Basically, since the time of my last update, this is the first time I've really had more than about 15 minutes free to update this page. Hell, I didn't even have access to a "real" computer for a little over 24 hours at home there, but now I'm back. I didn't do too much at home; I changed the oil in my car on Friday, and went out to dinner and a Tiger game at the new Comerica Park yesterday, but those were about it. I like Comerica Park a lot -- I think it's a much better facility than Tiger Stadium. You can actually find stuff (i.e., bathrooms, concessions, etc.) at the new park, whereas you had to really search for it in the old place.

Number 9 on the Top 10 countdown is an update from March 28, 1999, talking about what I was finally able to do that weekend:


Went home for the weekend. Slept for a change.