News and Notes

« Mon.07.03.2000 »
8:57 pm EDT    74°F (23°C) in Ann Arbor

I've made another site-wide appearance update in the last two days. Netscape users will now see the text of my pages in the same font point sizes in which I see it. Unfortunately, I can't get it to work properly with IE. This is true mostly because IE is made by Microsuck, which wouldn't know how to build a good browser even if one beat Gates to a bloody pulp. I spent most of this morning working on that. Additionally, I have constructed a page for my mentees for this fall. That assumes, of course, that I will be reinstated.

"No news is good news," or so I'm figuring on reinstatement right now. Haven't heard a thing in over a week from the CoE, but God knows, maybe they'll call a special holiday session tomorrow just to kick me out.