News and Notes

« Thu.06.22.2000 »

I may have to really fight to get back in here in the fall; at least that's what the hippies at the College of Engineering are telling me. I gave them yet more evidence yesterday about why I feel the time for my breakout semester is now. What is it going to accomplish by making me sit out a term? I'm willing to bet that will start me into a vicious circle of insufficient grades, forced sit-outs, and general discontent. If they do, in fact, throw me out of U-M, I don't think I'll ever return. I considered my options, and I think returning to the CoE would be the last thing I'd do. Well, maybe I'd do that if the only other choice was Moo U.

Other than that, there's not really a whole lot going on -- the usual work-eat-sleep, basically. At least this week, I'm not getting shafted on hours -- I think I'll have 32 this week, after only 22 last week.