News and Notes

« Sat.06.03.2000 »

I've done quite a few things to the page since my last News page update. First, and most importantly, I have set up a brand-new message board, with a special college hockey forum and a general forum. You can go there to read my ode to the parking Nazis of Ann Arbor, which I wrote last night. Editor's note: Both links removed February 11, 2004; the message board itself hasn't worked since 2002, and the post in question was removed from the board in June 2000 shortly after it got me into trouble at my then-job.

Secondly, I've been considering an upgrade to version 4.0 of the front page. I mean, there's not much wrong with the current 3.1, except for the fact that it's quite difficult to change anything on the front page. I may just stick with 3.1 for a while and see what happens.

My cable is still out here; it went totally out for about 36 hours here at Baits Thursday and yesterday, but I still don't have more than the basic channels. I'm going to check with my front desk here, as well as with MediaOne again, on Monday. The more you stay on people, the more things get done -- it's the story of the world.