News and Notes

« Mon.05.22.2000 »

It's been a long night -- 2:30 am as I sit down to write this. I should have gone to bed hours ago, but I decided to stay up and watch a movie and order a pizza. In any case, I'm probably headed to sleep as soon as I finish writing.

Speaking of ordering the pizza, that will probably be among the last times I can afford to do that in the next month or so. My money situation looks really tight right now, mostly because I haven't worked a lot (before this past week) since finals, and the fact that a lot of large bills are coming due soon. (My next check is almost completely accounted for -- $250 to the parents, another $190 to one of my credit cards, only about $150 to split among everything else.) I may have to take some sort of a student loan in the fall, which I would most likely use to get rid of the credit card debt and defer payment until I actually have a real job. That would also save me quite a bit of money in interest, so it might be a good idea.

Back to the work thing for a moment. I actually went over 40 hours last week; they get to pay me for 0.1 hours of overtime. This week will be almost as crazy; at last check, I have 19.3 hours scheduled between now and Thursday, with probably another five for Friday and eight for Saturday on the way, so starting on Friday, June 2, I will be (at least somewhat) in the money. (Not for long, though -- see the second paragraph.)

If I don't pry myself away from this keyboard right now, I will soon fall asleep over it. (Seen it happen before.)