News and Notes

« Thu.04.13.2000 »

It's been far too busy of a week -- amazing I say that, considering how little homework there's actually been. Oh well, at least that fucking 241 final is out of the way -- that's been the big killer all week, between review sessions, study groups, time I spent looking it over myself, etc.. At least I'll be able to get around to more important things tomorrow. All of my classes are either canceled or meaningless, so I'll be able to skip right on to Burstock and the Naked Mile. (For all you perverts out there who hope to see my picture on some porno site, I'm not participating. What I'll be doing there is getting drunk at the parties that spring up alongside the Mile.)

After that, I have two finals in two days next week -- Physics 240 on Monday night, followed by Poli Sci 111 Tuesday afternoon. All that will remain between me and summer after Tuesday is the MSE final on April 24.